What is RTDroid?

RTDroid provides real-time guarantees with Android's like programming model. To provide timing guarantees, RTDroid leverages an existing real-time kernel with a real-time Java Virtual Machine and redesigns Android's core message passing components and a subset of its system services with priority awareness.

Currently, RTDroid is focusing on extending Android's event driven programming model with extra real-time building blocks for application development, and providing memory usage guarantee for real-time components by using scoped memory.


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Real-time solutions:


RT kernel and RT JVM:

RTDroid leverages real-time kernel ( RT_Linux or RTEMS) with off-the-shelf real-time Java virtual machine (Fiji VM) for primitives that are required by RTOS, such as real-time tasks scheduling, interrupt servicing, inter-process communication and synchronization, and memory management.

RT Components in Framework:

RTDroid provides a limited subset of Android's APIs in Framework layer that allow developers to implement their applications, and introduces extra real-time APIs for real-time requirements. The details of APIs are listed on document page.

RTDroid Programming Model

RTDroid inherits Android's event-driven programming model, and adds real-time timing guarantees with memory guarantees by utilizing RTDroid's real-time message passing components and scoped memory. More details, please check out wiki page.

Supported Devices:

  • AMR-based Devices: Google Nexus S, Snapdragpn 800 development board. and Raspberry Pi
  • x86 Device: Intel Galileo 1st Generation board
  • SPARC Device: Gaisler LEON3 development board.