Get Started

Download RTDroid[edit]

RTDroid can be download from our public gitlab repo listed on download page.

Configure RTDroid on your local machine[edit]

As mentioned on Fiji VM configuration page, RTDroid requires FijiVM, and JDK 1.5/1.6, Ant 1.8 or later. After downloading RTDroid source code from Git repo, rtdroid.contains the following files:

  1. demo : two demo applications
  2. src : RTDroid source codes
  3. builds.xml : ant script for compiling RTDroid and generating jar
  4. : ant environment property file

Generate RTDroid Library[edit]

RTDroid provides Ant script to compile and generate java jar for application development. Please change the file as following:

fiji.dir={FIVM_HOME} <-- your FijiVM root directory. 
There is an ant build file to generate the jar file.
ant compile
ant jar
The ant commands can create builds directory, which stores rtdroid.jar under YOUR_RTDROID_ROOT/builds/jar folder.

Compile demo applications[edit]

RTDroid provides two demo applications for tutorials under demo directory. Similarly, These two demo apps can be compile and ran on your local machine as following steps:

  • Set FIVM_HOME environment variable:
  • Change demo/HelloWorld / file

fiji.dir=/home/gassa/fijivm/fivm-rtdroid <-- Point to the root directory of Fiji VM 
rtdroid.dir=/home/gassa/rtdroid/rtdroid-public/rtdroid <-- Point to the root directory of RTDroid

  • Compile application:

cd ./demo/HelloWorld

Run application[edit]

RTDroid can generate native executable for local machine. The executable needs root privilege to run, sudo ./helloworld